Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning Content Enablement and Delivery

– Solutions for delivering learning to learners ‘anytime, anywhere, any device’

Our mobile content delivery platform can be customized for learning purposes to provide functionality needed to deliver content to learners ‘anytime, anywhere, any device’. The platform provides all required learning management, administration and support in order to deliver highly rewarding enriched learning experiences to users or learners on their devices be it of ios, Android or smartphones, tablets, laptops, or even desktops. This comes along with a good user-friendly display that appropriately resizes according to device screen in order to give a rich rewarding user-experience.

The platform can provide learner monitoring tools to provide reports on learner interactivity with the content. The platform is designed to deliver a wide range of content types and these may range from highly interactive rich media, animations, audio, video, text, images etc.

Our mobile learning management content platform can be customized and adopted for mobile learning management to deliver training and learning content in the setting of universities, education institutions, training institutions, corporate establishments, government departments and any environments where there is a learning and training component. Contact us now for more information!!

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